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Biblical Studies Courses

Bib5521 Pentateuch
The Pentateuch is a foundational part of Scripture that shapes the stage for the rest of the Bible. A good grasp of the themes in the Pentateuch is critical for understanding all that follows it. It is here that the various Kingdom themes are introduced and begin their development. Special attention should be paid to:

  • the development of God’s Kingship and His in-breaking kingdom activity;
  • the cosmic war involving Satan and sin and God’s solution to this;
  • the Kingdom mission;
  • the development of the missional people of God;
  • imago dei;
  • the required obedience of faith to become God’s people and to be a player in the Kingdom mission;
  • the mysterious power of the Holy Spirit.

Bib5522 Jesus and the Kingdom
Jesus and the Kingdom is a biblical studies course focused on the four Gospels. Students will delve into a layered investigation of the NT Gospels, engaging first with foundational questions around the authorship, emergence and nature of the Gospels. We then dive into the Gospels themselves to compare and contrast key themes such as the kingdom of God, the core of Jesus teaching, Gospel Christology and eschatology, and the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We will also continually consider how the Gospels function as resources for Christian discipleship, ministry and mission in the Church and the world today.

RC5564 Building Christian Community
This course begins by covering Second Temple history and literature, the theories of how the Gospels came to be written, and introductions to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John within their historical settings. The similarities and differences of the various authors will also be pointed out so the student can learn to interpret the life of Jesus within each unique perspective. Students should have an understanding of Jesus’ teaching of the now-and-not-yet of the Kingdom. Upon completion, the student will be able to see how the story of Jesus functions within the overall biblical narrative.

Bib5523 Prophets and Writings
This course will focus on the stories that drive the narrative of Scripture. This course intends to identify all the important scenes in the biblical storyline, explain what they mean, and connect them together into one cohesive and exciting narrative. When the course is finished, a new set of storytellers will be released into the world to share Scripture in a way more reflective of the author’s intent and, we hope, in a much more compelling manner.

Bib5524 Acts
The Book of Acts will show how Luke’s themes are developed within the context of his accounts of the early church. Special attention will be paid both to how Luke portrays the role of the Holy Spirit in salvation and the cross-cultural advancement of the Kingdom of God through church planting. And because Luke understands that God is the absolute, sovereign King, the reader will discover that nothing can stop the advancement of the word of God as it travels from Jerusalem to Rome and to the “uttermost parts of the earth.”

Bib5525 Paul & His Letters
This course will introduce Paul’s writings in their probable historical sequence. Beginning with Galatians as the first of his letters, the student will then proceed to 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Philippians, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Ephesians, Colossians, Romans, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus and Philemon. Special attention will be paid to Paul’s understanding of the Biblical narrative and its application within culture.

Bib5526 Revelation and General Epistles
This course introduces the historical setting, purpose, and central theme of the letters of James, Peter, John, and Jude and the book of Revelation. Emphasis is on the use of critical, historical, archaeological, and cultural analysis. Upon completion, students should be able to use analysis tools to read, understand, explain, and expound on these biblical writings. 


Biblical Theology Courses

Min5511 Learning the Way of Jesus
This course is a guided exploration of Jesus’ embodiment and teaching of the Kingdom of God and practices by which Jesus’ actions and teachings might be emulated and obeyed in our postmodern contexts. This course will help you (1) articulate a holistic understanding of the Kingdom of God as learned from Jesus’ actions and teaching; (2) delineate various practices that faithfully embody and/or manifest the reign of God in their current contexts; and (3) design, implement, and assess a learning lab that seeks to draw practitioners into the life commended by Jesus.

Min5512 Ethics in Ministry and Justice for All
This course pursues practical questions about the Church’s calling in the face of a society’s hopes and challenges. This cohort makes public theology a matter of formation and mission. Students will deepen their biblical and theological foundation for engagement in the work of social transformation–both as regards to the identification of needed change and the spiritual and social resources for change.


Worldview Courses

Bib5527 Hermeneutics
Hermeneutics (Greek for “interpretation”) covers the principles for studying the Bible with the goal of hearing what the original author wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The student will be introduced to the important things interpreters and communities bring to the text. Special attention will be paid to the Biblical narrative contextualizing Biblical exegesis in the contemporary world as the revealed Word of God that shapes and informs contemporary life.

Min5591 Systematic Theology
This course covers all the classic doctrines of the Christian faith. We will look at the various creedal formulations and how these doctrines developed over time in the Scriptures. We will be studying the doctrines of God, the Trinity, Creation, Humanity, Sin, Atonement, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, the Church and the Last Things. During the course students will be introduced to the field of Biblical Theology, in the context of the development of doctrines and key Biblical motifs as God has revealed them to His people.


Transforming Culture Courses

RC5561 Living as a Faithful Presence
This course develops the students’ knowledge and understanding of pioneering mission and evangelism. It enables students to explore ways in which the Church has responded to changing contexts through history, making links with key theological and Biblical ideas. They will apply this knowledge to their own local and organizational contexts in order to appreciate Christianity as a pioneering faith.

RC5562 Evangelism in a Pluralistic World
This course explores the reality that North American society and culture have moved far beyond Christendom. The Christian faith is amongst several different faith traditions that have grown rapidly in recent years. Following a time that the Church was sought out for understanding and given a voice in the public square, the Church is now one voice amongst many. Students will learn of other faith traditions and how one addresses and interacts with these understandings.

RC5563 Methods of Impact
This course engages students in theological reflection about how to communicate the message of the Christian gospel. Students will explore and apply theological insights, theory and practical skills within the mission context, in order to develop appropriate forms of context-driven communication through faith sharing, interactive discussion and guided reflection.

RC5564 Building Christian Community
This course explores definitions of Church. It enables students to demonstrate an understanding of the elements which make a community distinctively Christian with reference to key theological perspectives and Biblical texts. Students will apply this knowledge as they identify and develop skills in enabling, encouraging and empowering Christian community within their own mission context.

RC5565 Contextualizing Mission
This course explores mission and evangelism within the context of our culture. Students will develop knowledge and understanding of the practice of evangelism and outreach, in relation to key theological ideas and ongoing changes in culture. Students will apply this knowledge to their own mission context in order to develop appropriate forms of evangelism that are particular to their context and community.

RC5566 Ministry in the Neighbourhood
This course engages students in theological reflection on marginalization. Students will evaluate the way this theme is reflected in their current and/or professional ministry. As part of this, students may identify and negotiate training in skills in a specialist area particular to their personal ministerial development.


History Courses

Hist5541 Early Church to Reformation
This course will be an examination of the development of Christian thought and spirituality in historical context starting from Acts to Thomas à Kempis (1st to 15th Centuries) with an application to ministry in the contemporary church and world.

Hist5542 Reformation to Today
This course will be an examination of the development of Christian thought and spirituality in historical context starting from the Reformation to Today (16th to 21st Centuries) with an application to ministry in the contemporary church and world.


Pastoral Care Courses

Coun5531 Counselling & Self-Awareness
Coun5532 Counselling Others
Broken in two, these pastoral care courses explore the theology and practice of working with others. It enables students to explore the themes of ‘otherness’ and ‘diversity’ within the mission context. The student will develop their own interpersonal skills using theoretical models drawn from theology, sociology and psychology, and how they relate to people in a range of situations.


Practical Theology Courses

Coun5581 Building and Facilitating Teams
This course engages students in theological reflection on teamwork. The students use theological resources to evaluate, apply and develop key skills in facilitating effective teamwork in the mission context.

Coun5582 Creating & Sustaining Community Enterprise
This module engages students in theological reflection on building and implementing vision and ideas. The students will use theological resources to evaluate, apply and develop entrepreneurial skills within the mission context. This will include learning the concepts of social enterprises.

Coun5583 Preaching & Storytelling
Narratives make up a large segment of the canon of Scripture. Storytelling is an ancient art form used not only by Biblical writers and Jesus, but it is a method used in one form or another in all cultures. We will be learning to preach using narrative materials and narrative methodology. Students will, however, be free to experiment with narrative preaching on any kind of Biblical passage.

Coun5584 Change Management
This course engages students in theological reflection on change. Drawing on theories of social and cultural change, students will make critical theological assessment and will apply models of change management within the mission context.


Spiritual Formation

SF5551 Spiritual Formation
Christian spiritual formation is a popular concept that stems from ancient roots. This introductory course will invite students to explore the nature of their own spiritual formation as well as introduce beliefs and practices of formation and community from Christian traditions of spirituality. Students will discover a variety of ancient and modern Christian spiritual practices that encourage a Biblical and holistic approach to life.

*Threshold School of Ministry reserves the right to cancel or revise any of the courses listed, to withdraw for the semester any course for which there is insufficient demand, or make adjustments as necessary.