RC5561 Living as a Faithful Presence

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Overview: This course develops the students' knowledge and understanding of pioneering mission and evangelism. It enables students to explore ways in which the Church has responded to changing contexts through history, making links with key theological and Biblical ideas. They will apply this knowledge to their own local and organizational contexts in order to appreciate Christianity as a pioneering faith.

But this may not be what we have traditionally thought it was. If we understand the missio dei, we will understand that God, who is missional in nature and action, acts differently than we may have expected in seeking to draw all people to Himself. He is at work in the world, and in and through His people – the church. Throughout history, God’s people have been surprised to see the work of God in the world, and at times, lost as to how to participate with Him on mission. What has happened throughout history is that they have had a “renewed theological vision of the church on mission, serving as a sign, servant and foretaste of the kingdom of God.”