Threshold School of Ministry aims to integrate Scripture, Biblical Theology and Praxis in forming missional and evangelistic followers of Jesus who, with the Apostle Paul, can say, “follow me, follow Jesus.”

We have developed the core of our program to be modeled in this method. In our 3-year program, students will gather together in the Spring and Fall, for 2-week intensive modules; they will be involved in a local ministry, within their discerned field, for at least 15hrs per week. Finally, students will be asked to prepare a special thesis/project for completion of the program, which will be related to their future ministry.

Through each course, students will be challenged to consider how they can directly impact their community, life and ministry today. There is much for us, as disciples, to learn from our past; we now need to learn how it is to be interpreted for today’s culture.

Current Programs:

Select individual courses available for credit/audit.