Frequently Asked Questions

To help in your discernment process, here are some of the questions we’re asked most often:

How much independent study time will I need to give to the course?

We recommend that you allow for about 5-10 hours personal study time per week on top of the time you will spend in your internship. Some students are able to give much more time than this and others manage on slightly less.

Where are the modules held?

Unless otherwise stated, modules will be held in Saint John, NB. Students are responsible for their own travel costs.

Does TSoM run any full-time courses?

No. We are committed to developing a model of theological education that encourages people to remain in their own particular context in order to stay engaged and live out their learning in their own communities.

Can I pick and choose which modules I take?

You can choose when you start. If you are working toward either the Master or diploma program, you will need to complete all the courses and modules.

Can I transfer credits to and from TSoM?

If you have already completed some theological study, you may be eligible to have credits transferred. Your transcripts will need to be reviewed by the TSoM administration and the SSU Registrar.

Does TSoM offer ordination training?

TSoM does not officially offer ordination training by any specific denomination. We do have students who have been supported by the denominational leadership to study through our program. The full TSoM is the primary formation means for candidates considering commissioning (licensing) as an evangelist with Threshold Ministries.

Does TSoM offer student bursaries?

At present our bursary funds are limited to those who are pursuing Commissioning with Threshold Ministries. We are working towards establishing additional bursary funds. We encourage you to speak with your church and denominational leadership to help with financial costs.

Am I eligible for a Student Loan?

Students who apply for and are granted federal or provincial student loans can use these funds to pay their tuition and fees. For information on how to apply for student loans, click here or visit the following website: http://www.canlearn.ca/eng/index.shtml