BIB5527 Hermeneutics

On-site Course Dates: October 28-29, 2019

Instructor: Brad Jersak, PhD

Overview: Hermeneutics (Greek for “interpretation”) covers some of the key principles for studying the Bible with the goal of hearing its intended message. Among these essential elements, students will be introduced to aspects of the Bible’s composition (from oral tradition to written documents, redaction, collection and canonization) along with the challenges of interpreting various biblical genres. Special attention will be paid to the apostolic and patristic (versus modern rationalist) approach to interpreting Biblical narrative in light of and through the lens of Christ and the gospel (a la the Road to Emmaus). Finally, we’ll discuss contextualizing God’s self-revealed message in our contemporary world as it shapes and informs life.

Registered participants will be forwarded the preparatory reading list a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the course date.

Individual courses for grade may be taken at a cost of $700/course.

*Available for Audit: Students who wish to ‘audit’ this course may do so at the following cost(s): $250/course. Auditing a course allows a student to take a class without the benefit of a grade or credit for the course.  A person who audits a course does so for the purposes of self-enrichment and academic exploration.   The audit option may not be available on all courses offered by Threshold School of Ministry. Auditing is only offered when space-availability permits, and upon approval of the Threshold School of Ministry administration and faculty.

*Prices include lunch. Books and required reading material not included.


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