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TSoM + you = the perfect match.
Whether discerning full-time ministry in the church, on the streets or looking for further Christian formation to continue in your growth as a follower of Christ; you want to be part of the Threshold School of Ministry.

Our school is in its second year of operations and was formed as a result of recognizing the reality that our church leaders need to be better equipped for ministry in 21st Century North America. 

In addition to designing our program for both laypeople and those seeking vocational ministry, we aim to provide opportunities for ongoing studies.



Work & study (at the same time).
Life is busy, we get that. We also recognize that people learn through different methodologies, so not everyone can thrive in a traditional seminary context. Our programs provide students with the ability to learn, practice and reflect at the same time while they are being formed for ministry. Our courses are taught through modules on site, with instructors who are academic-practitioners.



It's not too late.
It is not too late to begin your formation as a disciple or training for vocational ministry. Our students come from a variety of contexts and, through the discussions and collaboration, they share their own experiences and consider how the concepts of each other's experience fit within their own context. Your story matters!

Start this fall and continue your exciting journey in growing deeper as a Follower of Christ and leader in the Church.

Registration Deadline: August 16, 2017

Onsite Module: October 16-27, 2017

*Individual courses for grade may be taken at a cost of $700/course. Students who wish to audit a course may do so at a cost of $250/course. Prices include lunch. Books and required reading material not included.


Make a move. Start now!
This is real-world ministry education. We're connecting our students with current church leaders—for mentorship and internship. These internships are crafted to help students gain experience within their chosen ministry field. Students are paired with an experienced practitioner who meets with them regularly to monitor and guide their progress.

Whether considering full-time or part-time studies, apply now for Fall admission!