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Can we share something with you? We’re soo excited for TSoM’s second semester!!! The Fall Semester was an amazing experience, and since then we’ve been working fiercely to make the next one even greater. Already our numbers are increasing, our reach is expanding and our instructors are ready to go! God has blessed this vision for an alternate style of training, and we are simply ecstatic that we get to be a part of it.

If you’re interested in receiving quality, practical and challenging ministry training, consider joining us for the Spring 2017 Semester – onsite classroom training beginning March 6th.

Courses Available: March 6-17, 2017

Bib5521 Pentateuch
March 6-7, 2017, Preston Pouteaux, DMin
“The Pentateuch is a foundational part of Scripture that shapes the stage for the rest of the Bible. A good grasp of the themes in the Pentateuch is critical for understanding all that follows it. It is here that the various themes are introduced and begin their development.”

RC5563 Methods of Impact
March 9-10, 2017, Michael Raburn, PhD
“This course engages students in theological reflection about how to communicate the message of the Christian gospel. Students will explore and apply theological insights, theory and practical skills within the mission context, in order to develop appropriate forms of context-driven communication through faith sharing, interactive discussion and guided reflection.”

RC5564 Building Christian Community
March 13-14, 2017, Martha Downey, PhD
“This course explores definitions of Church. It enables students to demonstrate an understanding of the elements, which make a community distinctively Christian, with reference to key theological perspectives and Biblical texts. Students will apply this knowledge as they identify and develop skills in enabling, encouraging and empowering Christian community within their own mission context.”

Bib5522 Jesus and the Kingdom
March 16-17, 2017, Brad Jersak, PhD
“This course begins by covering Second Temple history and literature, the theories of how the Gospels came to be written, and introductions to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John within their historical settings. The similarities and differences of the various authors will also be pointed out so the student can learn to interpret the life of Jesus within each unique perspective. Students should have an understanding of Jesus’ teaching of the now-and-not-yet of the Kingdom. Upon completion, the student will be able to see how the story of Jesus functions within the overall Biblical narrative.”

Whether you are discerning a call to ministry, in full-time leadership, or looking for further formation to continue in your growth as a follower of Christ; you will want to be part of Threshold School of Ministry. 

Individual courses for grade may be taken at a cost of $700/course. Students who wish to ‘audit’ a course may do so at a cost of $250/course. *Prices include lunch. Books and required reading material not included.

Check out www.tsom.ca or give us a call (506) 642-2210 to see how TSoM can help you serve and strengthen your congregation, leadership and faith.


The registration deadline for Spring 2017 is January 27th. So don’t wait, we are called to be a people of action!