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The inaugural launch of Threshold School of Ministry’s first semester has been an enormous success! The 2016 Fall Semester is in full swing, and we’ve been blessed with great students, amazing teachers, growing community and inspiring discussions. Already, our teachers have been impressed with the knowledge and growth of the students, and the students are revved up and ready to apply what they’ve learned to the mission field.

As part of the beauty of this model of training, the students experience both formation and training (meaning they can learn and live-out their training at the same time). During the month of October, TSoM students gathered together with their instructors for the first onsite training Module. We caught up with some of our students and faculty to find out more about the first semester of Threshold School of Ministry. Here’s what they had to say about their training so far:

img_2068What is something you’ve enjoyed about the Fall Semester?

“I’ve really enjoyed the discussion time. It’s a unique setting that allowed us to really dig in and talk and wrestle with each subject. The small class sizes gives us the opportunity to bring in our own contexts, and how it relates to us in this very moment.”

– Erin Hodge, Master of Ministry in Cultural Engagement Student

“The students. Class time was conversational rather than lecture based. The discussions we had were phenomenal!”

– Cam Roxburgh, DMin, Adjunct Lecturer (Living as a Faithful Presence)

img_2079What is something you’ve been surprised by about the training?

“The continuity between 4 very different courses has been very surprising. I could never have expected that. Even as I was doing the pre-reading, I didn’t make a connection. But being here, discussing, I have had a much broader realization that they all connect. I mean, you would expect a Hermeneutics course and a Church History course to be very different thank each other, and they are, but yet they spoke very powerfully to one another.”

– Brent Harris, Master of Ministry in Cultural Engagement Student

 What is something you’re looking forward to with TSoM?

“It’s a great system that we can continue to have regular check ups between the students andimg_2054 instructors; continuing the conversations we started, and walking out our faith together.”

– Brian Metzger, MMin, Adjunct Lecturer (Hermeneutics)

“Going back to work is going to be awesome! One, because it’s been a lot of information to take in, but the other part of that is that you’ve got to put this into practice, or it’s not going to have made a difference at all. It’s not going to matter unless you use the information. There are some great take-aways that have informed what I’m doing.”

– Brent Harris, Master of Ministry in Cultural Engagement Student

Courses Available:

If you’re interested in receiving quality, practical and challenging ministry training, consider joining us for the Spring 2017 Semester – onsite classroom training beginning March 6th:

Spring Semester: March 6-17, 2017
Bib5521 Pentateuch
March 6-7, 2017, Preston Pouteaux, DMin

RC5563 Methods of Impact
March 9-10, 2017, Michael Raburn, PhD
RC5564 Building Christian Community
March 13-14, 2017, Martha Downey, PhD

Bib5522 Jesus and the Kingdom
March 16-17, 2017, Brad Jersak, PhD

Individual courses for grade may be taken at a cost of $700/course. Students who wish to ‘audit’ a course may do so at a cost of $250/course. *Prices include lunch. Books and required reading material not included.

Whether you are discerning a call to ministry, in full-time leadership, or looking for further formation to continue in your growth as a follower of Christ; you will want to be part of Threshold School of Ministry.

Check out www.tsom.ca or give us a call (506) 642-2210 to see how TSoM can help you serve and strengthen your congregation, leadership and faith. REGISTER NOW! The registration deadline for Spring 2017 is January 5th.