Karen Cooney
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There are soo many reasons to be excited about Threshold School of Ministry, but here are just a few:

1. We are blessed with gifted instructors and leaders who are committed to help mentor and form a new generation of Christian leaders.

Not only are our instructors talented academics but they are practicing what they teach, through their own respectively discerned ministries, within their communities. They are diving into scripture, walking in faith and growing in community, everyday.

2. It will train you to have a ministry that is relevant.

Society is changing, churches are struggling, are communities function differently than they used to. So naturally, the formation of individuals for ministry in the 21st Century needs to be radically different too. That’s why we developed a program to better equip people for ministry, inside and outside the wall of the church. The TSoM model of training will prepare individuals for ministry now and in the future. We’re not trying to fit the mold, we’re building something NEW!

3. Our program is based around not just theory, but practice.

Through Jesus’ teaching model, we see that he journeyed with people, talked with, shared teachings and then sent them out to experience and put into practice what He taught. TSoM follows this model by including formation and education at the same time. Our students spend 3-years wrestling with Scripture, immersed in the wisdom of the Early Church and growing in their relationship with Christ, all while learning how they can bless and help transform their community. Classes are delivered in 2-week modules, each semester. The rest of the time, students are involved in ministry in a discerned field, right in their own community!

There are many more reasons to be excited about Threshold School of Ministry. Check out the video above to hear why Adjunct Lecturer, Brian Metzger, is exciting about TSoM.