We believe that the Church in North America needs people who are equipped to be bearers of hope, light, love and truth to a rapidly changing culture. How does the Christian story impact the world in which we live today?

Evangelists, pastors, leaders need to be equipped in different ways. Threshold School of Ministry is one method through which we believe leaders can be prepared for ministry today. We aim to integrate Scripture, Biblical Theology and Praxis in forming missional and evangelistic followers of Jesus who, with the Apostle Paul, can say, “follow me, follow Jesus.”

Whether discerning full-time ministry in the church, outside the church on the streets or looking for further formation to continue in your growth as a follower of Christ; you will want to be part of the Threshold School of Ministry.

Our school was birthed out of a strong conviction that the formation of individuals for ministry in the 21st Century needs to be radically different – our communities are different, society is changing, churches are struggling. We can, and must, equip people better. Through Jesus’ teaching model, we see that he journeyed with, talked with, and shared teachings with people before sending them out to experience and put into practice what He taught.

We have developed the core of our program to be modeled in this method. In our 3-year program, students will gather together in the Spring and Fall, for 2-week intensive modules; they will be involved in a local ministry, within their discerned field, for at least 15hrs per week. Finally, students will be asked to prepare a special thesis/project for completion of the program, which will be related to their future ministry.

Through each course, students will be challenged to consider how they can directly impact their community, life and ministry today. There is much for us, as disciples, to learn from our past; we now need to learn how it is to be interpreted for today’s culture.

We’re releasing missional followers of Jesus, to work and change lives right in our own backyard: New Brunswick, Atlantic Canada and beyond! We truly believe that this is the best form of Religious Studies you’ll ever receive! Be equipped for ministry in today’s culture through Evangelism training, education and discipleship.

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